We have started „we are fashion“ in 2010. Our aim is to develop a platform for all those people, loving fashion or working in the fashion business. They should both give and find inspiration on our website. We wish to present people, designs and brands with a mission.

Valuable tips for fashionable individuals

We are fashion is to be interesting for all those people searching for special brands, designs and collections. They can be found in the section called “truffles”. These truffles may be small, may not be famous but each of them surely outstanding and unique.

The guys behind this website are sick of the standard look of people, hotels and cities nowadays. We are longing for more that is special, outstanding, unique maybe small, homemade, made in Germany or Europe, even handmade with passion and love.

Fashion and accessories – a topic for you and me – every single day

If we take a look at each of us, we see everybody thinking of fashion and dressing up each and every day. We are thinking about styles fitting our big appearance, the next business trip, a very special event or the mood we have today.

We care about what we wear. We like to give the best possible impression.

Who is behind “we are fashion”?

There are 3 heads behind this website. All three knowing each other for years know. Working together intensely and successfully. The sunny and spacious office is situated in Munich-Zamdorf, in the last floor of a typical office building.

We would highly appreciate you clicking on our website www.wearefashion.de. We will develop it ambitiously and are looking forward to all that’s coming up. Join us on facebook.