A warm welcome!


I have been a fashion victim ever since. I have learned from my Mom, whom I have always admired for her style and perfect look no matter how small the budget might have been.

As a freelance PR consultant my aim is to create great events from little causes. I have focussed on fashion, shoes, accessories and jewellery labels. Mostly these clients only have a very small budget but nevertheless need all kinds of press work to increase their awareness level. That is why I do work almost 100% performance based wishing to stay closely connected with them for a long time, beeing part of their success and growth.

Everyone should do, what he knows best. But it takes time to find out talents and skills.

These skills should support others and ones engagement should show a work-life balance. We live this balance within our network (also see www.imageart.de and www.msm-europe.de). We live our dreams and always look for new goals. Our team is curious, dynamic and always investing heart AND brain in every single project.

In March 2010 we therefore launched the website www.wearefashion.de. Goal is to become a fashion portal for both trendsetters and trendseakers. And in May 2014 we founded the social project Stop Staring – Start Caring Ass. (www.ss-sc.de).  Our motivation is to supply goods and good conditions! Things that are certain and abundant for us will bring people a livable life and developable possibilities. We focus on innocent and helpless infants and children as they are in a urgent need of protection and support.

In the words of Desmond Tutu: “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”.