Paglieri 1876

For Antica Profumeria Paglieri, it all began in a faraway place and time: the year was 1807 and since then years of experience have led to the perfumery’s incomparable line of products throughout the world. Products that weave a story of Italian experience and that have become a part of history imprinted in the collective minds of entire generations.

Like some famous fragrances, from 1920s with Felce Azzurra talcum powder, from 1980s with Felce Azzurra Natura range, a wide range of products dedicated to wellbeing and beauty are the flagship of one of the most prestigious brands of international cosmetic scene.

Olfactory memory

Scent has the power to recall even our deepest of memories. Just one note can take us back in time or whisk us away to the future, allowing us explore the most beautiful moments in our lives. Our past guides us in the present towards new, innovative and fascinating olfactory destinations.

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